Big Data Insights

Marketing Big Data is old news at Blue Sheep!

For many years we have been providing Big Data insights to some of the largest B2C and B2B organisations in the UK helping them to transform the way they view their customers and allowing them to engage in effective multi-channel marketing activity based on insights that only come from Big Data analysis .

Harnessing the power of data is key to business development…

Managing and understanding numerous data streams can be a huge challenge for any business and making the most of the information available is difficult without the right technology and expertise to aggregate the data. In many cases, the Big Data project uncovers hidden truths about customers that can provide you with insights that can shape your whole business strategy.

Whereas many other businesses fall short of the Big Data promise, Blue Sheep sit uniquely in the marketplace to provide a fully end-to-end solution to solve the problem. As well as structuring all your unstructured big data and building custom Single Customer View systems, we also provide the marketing tools to analyse the data and execute online and offline marketing strategies that have profound results.

The combination of our expertise in building Single Customer View databases, our knowledge of data aggregation and segmentation, the ability and manpower to provide a fully managed service, provision of award winning marketing solutions and reporting tools, mean that Blue Sheep can handle the most challenging Big Data projects on the planet.

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With hundreds of Big Data projects in our client catalogue, Blue Sheep are well positioned to provide you with the solution to turn big data into Actionable Marketing Insight.

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