Blue Sheep Products

We provide a range of products to provide our clients with more insight into their customers through the use of data. For 25+ years we have integrated products and solutions to allow organisations to understand their customers better and deliver perfectly targeted marketing.

AIM Platform™

Blue Sheep's AIM:P (Aggregated Information Management Platform) exceeds marketers' requirements
AIM Platform™ >

Money Mapping

Money Mapping delivers amazingly powerful insight that is proven to shape customer engagement strategy. Money Mapping >

The Blue Sheep Universe

The UK's largest multi-sourced, fully integrated business database. The Blue Sheep Universe >


The Intelligent Marketing Solution framework was developed around the four principles of Customer Engagement: Listen, Learn, Understand, Speak.
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SDL Marketing Suite™

SDL’s tools, delivered by Blue Sheep, enable you to gather, sort, analyze and make sense of the data you need to run successful marketing campaigns. SDL Marketing Suite™ >

SDL SM2 is a business intelligence product that provides visibility into social media and lets you tap into a new kind of data resource SDL SM2™ >

In addition to our own products; such as our unique Single Customer View, providing a consolidated data asset for both B2B and B2C; The UK Business Universe, our powerful aggregation of 14 business data sources and point products deployed specifically to meet a unique challenge; we provide the full range of SDL products through our long standing partnership with them.

Blue Sheep Customer Insight

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