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Blue Sheep provide B2B and B2C data services, Single Customer View database builds, Big Data Analysis and multi-channel marketing solutions…

For the past 25 years, we have helped many businesses dramatically transform the results of their marketing campaigns by providing data services for segmentation, aggregation and analysis.

Blue Sheep are also one of the few companies worldwide to be able to deliver Single Customer View (SCV) databases with Big Data Insights, wrapped around industry-standard multi-channel marketing platforms enabling organisations to engage in truly 1-2-1 marketing campaigns.

One golden success of Blue Sheep, and which allows us to provide a truly unique service for marketing departments, is the Blue Sheep Universe® – an aggregated B2B and B2C marketing database pulled from more than 20 data providers. By having one of the largest marketing databases in the UK, we can provide high-quality data cleansing and data enhancement services, as well as our revolutionary Money Map segmentation analysis. The Money Map will identify your long-lasting, high-spending customers and allow you to push your marketing expenditure and marketing message at new prospects that will convert into the right customers.


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